Monday, April 7, 2008

Reading and getting money

I'm sitting in front of Kelly's. I got up from a nap just in time to get in an order for two IPAs and some wings before happy hour was done. Now I'm sitting on some steps out front reading the Bar Tab. The Bar Tab is a cheesy little square-shaped publication that is more for tourists and clowns than cool people like me. I belong with a Steinbeck at best, or at least a paperback of some sort. So I'm actually embarrassed when Melanie comes by and I'm reading an article in it. It was a good happenstance meeting though, because she tried to stop by the bike shop earlier, but I wasn't working today. She gave me $45 bucks that Eddie owed to me for looking at, or "fixing" or whatever, some of the pedicabs. I actually wouldn't accept a single cent from Eddie, but it was the pedicab shop's money - not his. Eddie just got me the gig of doing some work there. For what I did, $45 is a true mugging - but I feel fine about it because I've done way more than $45 worth of work on those tricycles since I got to this island.

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