Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tropic Cinema short films

I'm watching the Oscar nominated short films at a special showing at the Tropic Cinema. My mood: quite good. Reason: I just got my original Diamondback* bike back! (Stolen Jan. 8 - see Feb. 6 for weepy reminiscence). I was walking to the movies after work, and there it was outside Fausto's Grocery store on Flemming St. It had a lock, but it wasn't secured to anything. I didn't want to have a conversation with anybody about whose bike it was, so I hopped on and rode it away. Somebody clearly treated it like junk for the past couple months. I like short films. I'm happy to be sitting here in the theater. Tom Savage had an extra ticket. I bumped into him on my way in, and he gave me his extra - ostensibly because this is my lucky day. BOOF BOOF**!

*the original Diamondback is spelled as a compound word - sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. I can't remember whether the compound word bikes came first or second, but I recall that Sheldon Brown mentioned this on his page about Japanese bicycles. Rest in peace Sheldon.

**celebratory exclamation

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