Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My new watch

I splurged on a new watch, and this was the first time it's beeped for me at 7:21. It's very similar to my previous watch. The face is the same size and style and all of the setting procedures are exactly the same. They're watch cousins. It took a long time for me to finally break down and get the new watch. I don't like buying stuff that's likely to show up at some point for free. The previous watch was a castoff from Shelly. The velcro part of the band eventually just fell off, and I started the policy of tucking the extra strap in behind the remaining band to kinda hold it on. Worked for awhile, but eventually started to not-work. Plus, since it was at least a few years old, the display was getting dim. I almost threw down on one of those calculator watches, but I have unusually slender wrists rendering such a choice silly on two levels. I stayed a penny inside my 10 dollar preferred budget - excluding watchtax - and have no regrets about this fine wristwatch.

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