Friday, February 29, 2008

Bears and clarification of the exact

I don't remember exactly where I was at 7:21. Sometimes I don't write it down, or I'm drunk and I forget or something. I try to fill it in later, and write like it's in the present tense, but sometimes I really don't know. Sometimes, like now, I fake it - but if I'm fudging, I speak in general terms of time - if I say it's exact, then it is. At 7:21 or whatever time on 2/29: I'm talking to Davi while half ignoring a bum who's trying to change the subject to philanthropy and cigarettes. This is outside the CVS where I was about to go in and buy some bears. I call beers bears, because bears is better, and Keith was yelling 'bear' instead of beer once. That was the day before he left for the army. That was before 9/11. Now it's later, and I'm still saying bears, and that's why. Davi and the other Brasil guys are leaving this month. The dates are staggered, but the destination is home. I got light bears. They weren't worth a damn.

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