Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eddie's w/ Dreamane

I'm sitting in Eddie's back yard with Eddie and Dreamane. It's been raining on and off, and Eddie has constructed a little tent out of cloth and a big stick tied to a couch with some rope. We're under that. I'm here to deliver Eddie's bike back to him. I checked it over at work earlier. I didn't do much to help it. I put some grease in the rear hub, and tightened the cones to get rid of the play. It's a reasonable old Trek mountain bike with the (very) high rise handlebars you see everywhere in Key West. The paint is beat to hell, but I like the frame 'cause it has super-fat chunky lugs and somehow I respect it for that. This decent old bike would really shine, figuratively, with a new bottom bracket, cassette, chain, and brakes. It would shine, literally, with a new powdercoated paint job. But for now, let's remain serious.

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