Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Upcoming Bicycle Tour: "We Ain't Ready..."

Man, we ain't ready for no fuckin' bicycle trip. Me and Kristin took a short ride in Landenberg. Ill preparedness was apparent on all levels. The bicycle isn't outfitted properly, and we're still walking on hills.

I wouldn't mind starting the upcoming trip from Pittsburgh to D.C. and needing to quit in the middle. I wouldn't mind that, but the associated logistical challenges are a bit overwhelming. If you can't finish by bicycle, someone will have to be called in to drive you home from some point along the trail. Then: does that stop the ride for everyone else? Who continues, and how do they get where they need to be?

As the planner, and the person whose parents are driving us home from D.C., these thoughts give me pause and concern. It makes me realize how much easier it is to go on solo adventures, where planning can give way to an approach of just winging it, and making decisions on the fly. I can fix anything, ride a bicycle anywhere, and hitchhike if it all falls apart. But I can't duck and weave if I'm carrying someone on my shoulders.


Anonymous said...

Hence my solo journey through the cosmos.

Anonymous said...

You can't carry anyone on your shoulders. Lots of riders try to "make it happen" for the other person by carrying their stuff and crafting the perfect bicycle and encouraging them along, but the balance is then quite wrong and that's why small-framed touring bikes are sold on CL all the time, unused (a gross generalization of male/female dynamics and woman as exclusively small people). To speak more directly to the situation, she must have the interest (desire and willingness) to do it. It can't be your trip with a tag-along rider-- you must both claim ownership. The riding may be challenging, but is the "easy" part. The fuel for these kinds of things is desire. You both need fuel, and we both know this.

I love Pitt to D.C.. Best ever!

TJ is crunked-out. He says some of the funniest shit ever.

Three Speed said...

Spoiler alert - it all worked out, and everyone had a great time. It's not so much that Kristin didn't want to do the trip - she was super excited - it's more that I worried too much in the weeks leading up. Kristin was less complain-y than me, and more proud of successful completion. I still doubt we're going to do much more bicycle touring.

TJ rules.