Friday, June 1, 2012

My new Alpine Designs bicycle.

I'm still at work after closing. I'm running cables and housing on a new bicycle that is mine. I purchased a homely frame from eBay. It is a TIG welded frame built with Reynolds 853 - an exceptional, lightweight, and high quality tube set. The frame is labeled "Alpine Designs," which a bit of research reveals to be a short-lived Sports Authority house brand. To devalue the frame further, it is painted white and is dull and a bit scuffed up.

My winning bid was $184. I consider it a bargain.

The new Alpine Designs bicycle is going to get a thorough overhaul. Being a mountain bike frame from the late 90's, it came equipped with a suspension fork. Since I intend to ride primarily on pavement, my first job was to replace the Manitou fork with a suspension corrected rigid fork by Surly. Done.

I outfitted the Alpine with other stuff that I like: Northroad type handlebars by Soma, and a SRAM X9 gripshift. It has Sugino cranks, and a cheap SRAM derailer that I used on my first-ever bicycle tour (paired to a Shimano 600 downtube shifter!)

I didn't finish today. Instead, I drove the van through a rainy evening to deliver my tandem to Kyler. He's going to borrow it for awhile, 'cause someone should at least be riding it.


Anonymous said...

You idiot! (sorry) Alpine Designs was a small bicycle company in Sandpoint Idaho. (I worked there for six years) You have a sweet frame. It probably was an XC-1. Red decals? Check out

Anonymous said...

never affiliated with port authority... that was a clothing brand with no "s" on the end

Three Speed said...

That'll teach me to use as a reliable source of information. I couldn't believe it was a Sport Authority bike in 853, and I realized my mistake. At first I thought it was another case like the Reynolds 531 Free Spirit sold at Sears.

But - am I an idiot? Maybe. But not because of this.

Yes, it is an XC-1. Good of you to chime in after-the-fact and out of the blue.