Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rut in apartment

I'm in a rut, kinda. It's a time like I need to sort stuff out. All I'm really doing is working and then getting smashed. Today there was a smooth transition, as I stayed late to work on a couple more bikes and was rewarded with a 12 pack of Heineken right while I had bikes in the stand. They were shared beers with the other guys, but of course I got my share. Now I'm at Steve and Dreamin's* place with the sole purpose of having a place to smoke with Dave. I'm getting chubby, and I need to ride more. Need to ride because it makes me happy. but what'm'I going to do? Just ride into a headwind and go up the islands? That's about the only long ride option. So it's 7:21 and I'm sitting in this little apartment with Dave and Steve, and Dreamin's fixing up her hair, and I'm hungry independent of the effects of any munchies, cause I haven't eaten very much. There's options and options, and instead of talking about that, I'll just say that I went on my ride instead, and it wasn't very far, and my bottom bracket needs grease at a minimum, and I need cue sheets up the keys, and I need to find a comfortable saddle, but yo - it was a good ride cause I sobered up on my bicycle listening to good music on a path. Alls well.

*I'm gonna spell her name Dreamin so she doesn't show up on 10,000 pages after a Google search.

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